Friday, 22 May 2015

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Happy Friday friends! After four long weeks of radio silence I got the amazing news yesterday that my camera is fixed (and there's no charge, it's a miracle I swear) and I can finally get back to my regular schedule & quality content! I have a bunch of post ideas that I've been collecting while my camera was out of commission so I'm excited to get back into the swing of things, but if you have any requests I'd love to hear them!

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend so get outside and have some fun!
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Guest Post: Orange Beauty

Hello everyone! My name is Erika and I blog over at Hedonist in Hats. I'm glad to be guest posting on Nadia's blog as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers monthly post swap. This month's theme was orange, and I am all about the orange life in the summer. Whether I'm accenting my hazel eyes with some orange in my crease or adding some coral to my cheeks, there's usually always an orange hue going on my face somewhere.

Orange is a great color that really works well on any skin tone, even people who have very light skin and red hair can add some coral if they do it strategically - I think that it looks particularly great on the lips. And for people with darker skin tones, oranges just compliment the skin so beautifully and can provide a vibrant glow.

The great thing about orange is that it never really goes out of style from year to year. While it may not always be en vogue to wear a bright orange lip and look like a pumpkin, coral is always a safe bet to give you a warm, healthy glow and it's a perfect transition shade into the autumn, even though we're a long way off from that. If you're interested in seeing what my top eight high-end orange products are, then follow the jump and take a look!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Weekend Blues

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow country-folk, and happy Monday to everyone else! Since I am still currently spending some serious R&R time at my cottage, this weekend's style was nothing if not casual. This outfit was perfect for a warm but breezy day spent on the lake.
Shirt: H&M {similar} | Dress: Gap {same cut} | Sunglasses: H&M {exact}
I realized recently that I don't own a ton of patterned clothing, so I was so excited to pull this dress back out from winter storage. These t-shirt dresses from the Gap are serious wardrobe workhorses. I have the same dress in a more fall/winter fabric/print that I wore to death this past season. I found both at the outlets for less than $10 so definitely keep your eyes out for great deals!
What are your favourite pieces for casual summer weekends? I'd really like to find a maxi-dress next, but don't know where to start - any recommendations would be so appreciated!
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